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 Simply...."En Fuego"  This was the ultimate time consuming video. It took me over a month to make because of the large variety of editing required. This is not any normal music video.


6.85 megs


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I put alot of work into this one. It uses clips of Brolly from movies 8 and 10. I call it "Rage Game" and has the song "The Game" by Motorhead. Those of you who watch WWF will know the song very well.


4.54 megs


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What really is the most important thing to Vegeta, his selfish desire to defeat Goku and satisfy his pride, or his newfound devotion to his loved ones? This video implements the song "My Sacrifice" by Creed.


10.5 megs


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This is not actually a music video, however I had it in my Feature Z section for months,  it's a movie "trailer" that I created using Movie 6 (Return of Cooler) clips and the backround noises of the Matrix Reloaded Trailer


11.3 megs