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Tapion and Shin


Tapion Bio

Size: 5' 7"
Attacks/Techniques: Bukujutsu
Tapion is a warrior from DBZ movie #13. He holds the evil monster Hildegarn within his body for many centuries, until Hoi an evil sorceror tricks the Z Warriors into using Shenron to open the magical box that holds Tapion. Tapion undergoes incredible pain as each time half of Hildegarn escapes, and he uses his magical ocarina to trap him once again. But since Tapions brother is dead, and he holds the other half Tapion cannot keep both seperate. He asks Trunks to finish him off before the two halfs join, but his plan backfires, and it's up to the Z Warriors to take on Hildegarn. But he proves too much for even Goku, and just when everything seems impossible Goku does a new technique and destroys Hildegarn. Tapion gives his sword to Trunks and says goodbye.


The highest diety remaining after Buu's slaughter of the other gods, Kaioshin comes to Earth during the Budoukai to warn Goku about Babidi's plan to revive Buu. His power is comparable to the Z warriors, as he is by far the most powerful being in heaven. Kaioshin is shocked that Goku and Vegeta surpass him, as to him they are merely mortals