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Bad Guys



Name: Brolly

Age: 20

Height: 6'8

Weight: 273 lbs.

Gender: Male

Race: Saiyan

Alignment: Evil-Chaotic

Master: Tristam Skyheaven

Group: Mercernaries

Home Planet: Vegeta

Power Level: 625


Skills: Ki Punch, Flying Elbow, Axe Handle, Karate Chop, Double Stomp, Knee Strike, Fireball, Battle Instinct, Flying, Energy Shield, Ki Flame

Custom Skills: Ultimate Fury (user becomes enraged; STR, DEF, ENR & PL increase; AGI, INT, STA decrease)

Belongings: Cash ($100)

History: Brolly was born the same day as Goku, the Saiyan who has saved earth and the universe countless times. Goku and Brolly stayed in the same nursery right next to each other for 2 years while they were prepared to be sent out to other worlds and help concur the universe. Every day Goku would cry, and cry, and cry constantly and keep brolly up all night and made him cry a sad cry, not a baby wine. For 2 years this went on untill Finnaly brolly was to be exicuted by king Vegeta because brolly had an exceptional 'ki' level. Right as freeza was about to destroy the planet Vegeta Brolly and his father Paragas escaped and stayed in hiding for many years. Over this time Brolly never forgot his days as a baby, and grew an extreme haterid for Goku, just the thought of him would send brolly into a mad rage and he would destroy anything and everything within sight. Paragas eventuall had to develop a restraining device for Brolly to keep him under control, so one night while he was sleeping, he put a mind control device onto brollys head that kept him from going into that beserk rage.

Description: Brolly is tall.. Very, tall. he has black hair that goes down just below his shoulders. He wears golden armlets, bracelets, headsets, and leglets, thar have jewels in them. They are actually his restraints that prevent him from going into his beserk rage, they are activated by a ring that Paragas wears at all times. He also wears white baggy pants, no shirt, and a red sash around his waist. His jewlery is not made out of gold, but are painted gold, they are made out of a streachy metal much like the saiyan armor that most of freezas military units wear. He had Black eyes.


Kooler starts fighting with goku and they seem even when Kooler Transforms to his 5th form! Kooler Gets Goku mad when he Hurts Everyone and Turns into a Supersayin.
Kooler Launches a Deathball in attempt to distroy earth when goku counters with a Kamehameha and pushes kooler into the sun.Kooler is a major villan who appears in Dragonball Z movie # 5 He has herd that a sayin has Killed his Brother Freeza so he goes Searching For The sayin who killed freeza Thinking it was goku he Travels to Earth and Challenges Goku.Kooler sends Henchmen looking for Goku they find him and Kooler remembers him......He let him go Free After Freeza distroied Planet Vegeta He saw Goku in his Spaceship on him way to earth.Kooler starts fighting with goku and they seem even when Kooler Transforms to his 5th form! Kooler Gets Goku mad when he Hurts Everyone and Turns into a Supersayin.Kooler Launches a Deathball in attempt to distroy earth when goku counters with a Kamehameha and pushes kooler into the sun.Kooler later appears in Dragonball Z Movie # 6 and what was left of his brain was absorbed by a computer chip to make the Gheti star and Goku and a few of the Z fighters go to namek where they See the Gheti star on top of planet Namek When goku gets there he finds meta Koolerand Fight a big battle until vegeta Comes and helps by the end Goku and Vegeta Team up to Finally Distroy Kooler and end his Wrath


Radditz, one of the four surviving members of the Saiya-jin race from the planet Vegeta that was destroyed. He comes to earth in search of Kakarotto/Kakarot (Goku). Radditz told Goku that they are brothers and he has come to take Goku with him. When Goku wouldn't join him, Radditz took Goku's son named Gohan and flew off to hide on the earth to put pressure on Goku to join him. Piccolo showed up at the Kame House where Goku was debating on how to handle the situation. Piccolo proposed that they make a temporary alliance to defeat Radditz. For those of you who don't know Piccolo and Goku were arch enemies before Dragon Ball Z so this was definitely a surprising subject for Goku. Nevertheless Goku agreed and they when't off to attack Radditz.

When Goku and Piccolo showed up at the Radditz "hide out" he was surprised. One thing he didn't expect was for anyone to find him without scouters. A battle took place, now while Radditz was much stronger, he underestimated Goku and Piccolo several times. The fact he believed he was superior to them was most of which led to his downfall. Even though Goku showed mercy to Radditz and let go of Radditz 's tail that was crippling him, Radditz took advantage of his mercy and attacked Goku after he was released from the restraint of pain. As all hoped seemed lost, Gohan exploded in anger and burst from the Saiya-jin space pod that Radditz put him in. Gohan's fury exploded and he attacked Radditz. After being severely injured Radditz knocked out Gohan and prepared to kill him. Once again Radditz was careless and forgot about Goku, who came up from behind and held him tight. Piccolo charged his Makkankosappo attack. Goku knowing there was no other way to defeat Radditz, he sacrificed himself by holding Radditz and being caught up in the Makkankosappo. Both were killed, but before Radditz died he told of the coming Saiya-jins that now know of the dragon balls on the earth



He is one of the major villains who appears after the epic battle between Son Goku and Vegeta. The battle against Freeza was the longest segment of the entire series.

He was the villain who destroyed Goku’s home planet. Even though Freeza would not openly admit, his greatest nightmare is the Saiyajin, that is why their home planet must be destroyed.

Shortly after Vegeta finished his battle with Goku, we encounter Freeza in the planet of the Namek. Both the Dragon Ball Warriors and Freeza and his minions arrived at the planet to acquire the more powerful Dragon Balls. Although both arrived with the same purpose, their motives were quite different. The Dragon Ball Warriors wanted to revive Piccolo and his other half, Tenshin, while Freeza, with his insatiable appetite for power, wanted eternal life.

He did not begin to demonstrate his capabilities until he started the battle against Vegeta when he took his first transformation. Freeza is capable of three transformations, becoming more powerful each time, during which, Vegeta was killed and Piccolo met nearly the same fate. Then, Son Goku joined the battle.

This is the battle where first saw the Super Saiyajin. Freeza served as the catalyst for that when he killed Kuririn out of his frustration. The angry Son Goku became Super Saiyajin and eventually overcame Freeza. Goku, being a good sportsman like always spares Freeza's life so he could challege Freeza again. But Freeza's uncontainable pride and unwillingless to accept defeat sealed his fate. Miracalously, he still managed to survive until recued by his father

After being rescued by his Father, Freeza decided to go to earth for his revenge, but only to seal his fate by the arrival of Future Trunks.



Fat Buu

He was the first buu nade.Majin Buu (fat buu) is one of the Strongest Villans in the DBZ world he appears During the majin buu saga.... He was Created by a Wizard named Bibidi by His Magic and was sealed up into a ball Because he couldnt be Controled. When we First see Him he is very imature kind of like a 3 Year old Child he is always hungry and can turn Things into any kind of food He likes!

Majin Buu is Fat and pudgy he can use his own Body as a Weapon and strech it to Different Shapes and sizes and belive it or not this is the Weakest Buu! Majin buu Makes Friends with Hurcule(Mr.Satan) and Hurcule actually was Trying to kill buu But later on Hurcule realizes that Buu can be good! So Hurcule asks Buu not to kill anymore and buu agrees. Majin Buu Finds a Puppy thats hurt and heals it later the Puppy gets shot by a Man

This makes Buu angry and Hurcule as Well and Hurcule Beats the guys to a Bloody pulp Majin buu heals the puppy and later Hurcule gets shot and Majin Buu heals him but From the anger a Cloud arrives from Majin Buus head and its evil buu

After a short Fight with Evil buu Fat buu gets Eaten and Evil Buu transfroms into Super Buu!! Later in DBGT he is Good and is Best Friends with Hurcule and BEE(the puppy) and later becomes a part of Uub(kid buu's Reincarnation) a small Villager.


Super Buu

Super Buu is the form of Fat buu and Evil Buu combined he is Smarter now is much Smarter and is Even More Powerful Super Buu has The Same Abilities as Fat Buu and more

Super Buu Has the ability to Absorb People and take there powers and there smarts so with every person he Absorbs(not Eat) he Grows more powerful and gets Smarter! This Ability Helped Super buu Defeat Mystic Gohan After he absorbed Gotenks and Piccolo and later on he absorbs Gohan

Super Buu is toyed around with Veggito The Potara Earring Fusion of Goku and Vegeta and is absorbed and the Fusion ends....Vegeta and Goku Free Everyone that was Absorbed by Super buu and He transforms into Kid Buu!!


Kid Buu

Kid Buu is the most Ruthless of the buu's he is Pure Evil and simply doesnt care about Anything he would Destroy everything without a moments thought and Still laugh.....He is THE most Powerful Buu

Kid buu's Power was Equal to that of Goku in Super Sayin 3! Goku Fought with kid buu and the battle was to long for goku to hold the power of Super Sayin 3 and Goku needed to rest while Vegeta Fought with Kid buu for 5 minutes to vegeta "5 minutes would seem like Forever in this fight" and vegeta got beaten up pretty quick but landed 4 or 5 good punches but still no use because Kid buu was so Strong

Goku's Power all of the sudden Gives out and goku says "it was the body he wasnt used to being alive again"! Vegeta Fights for a little while until Fat buu comes out of Kid buu and Fights with him

Vegeta gives goku the idea for a Spirit Bomb and goku says "it didnt work against freeza what makes you think it will work on him?" and vegeta says "we will take all of it not some!"

Goku starts gathering the power to whipe out kid buu from the universe and hurclue helps get the energy and goku finally puts an end to the buus



Cell, one of Dr. Gero's greatest creations. He is a creature who was formed from the genetic material of the most powerful warriors known at the time of his creation. Such warriors are Goku, Vegeta, Freeza, King Kold, Piccolo, and many more. Because of the fact he was formed from these fighters he is also able to do their moves such as; Goku's Kame-hame-ha, Piccolo's regeneration ability and his Makkankosappo (special beam cannon), Tienshinhan's Taioken (solar flare), etc. Making him the ultimate fighting machine. Please stop reading here if you do not want to spoil the episodes for yourself.

Cell actually didn't come from the DBZ timeline that is shown because the lab the un-developed cell was in became destroyed, he didnt even come from Future Trunks timeline (the Future Trunks that we know of), he came from a completely different timeline where Trunks beat the androids. In this timeline this was a big problem for Cell because he needed to absorb Android #17 and #18 in order to become "Perfect" and be the ultimate fighting machine. He killed Trunks and took the time machine that Trunks used in his time line (it's honestly too difficult to explain). Turning himself back to a previous state in his development (an egg like form) so he could fit in the machine, he traveled back in time to the timeline that we know of to a few years before Trunks arrival.

Cell gave re-birth to himself over time and hatched. He quickly brought himself to the form he was at before the time travel. The Z Warriors discovered the remnant shell(s) and were very confused. Cell began going to various places around the country/world causing panic by taking finding people and by using his tail he absorbs their life energy to become stronger. Piccolo after merging with Kami found Cell by accident from sensing Goku's ki (ki means energy) and many other Z Warriors ki all in the same spot. After fighting a little while with Piccolo, Cell learned how much stronger Piccolo was than himself. He knew winning was impossible and used a Taioken (solar flare) to escape. Now for any other enemy in DBZ before this point it wouldn't of worked but Cell could lower his ki just like any other DBZ character making him difficult to find and catch. So Cell continued on his path of destruction and whent to more cities gathering extra energy.

When Cell learned (sensed) Piccolo's fight with Android #17 he quickly whent to the battle where he easily beat both Piccolo and #17 (he was much stronger now because of all the people he absorbed). Cell absorbed Android #17 and transformed to a new level of power and physical appearance (his second stage). Tienshinhan happened to be there and used a force blow attack (the name eludes me so if someone out there reading this remembers the name of the attack please contact me). The attack essentially detains Cell for Android #16 and #18 to escape from Cell so #18 wont be absorbed. Goku recently recovered knows he can't fight Cell but he can't wait for Trunks and Vegeta to leave the room of spirit and time, Goku teleports himself there and gets Tien and Piccolo out and back to Kami's tower.

Cell continued to search for #18 but after Vegeta and Trunks got out of the room of spirit and time he stopped to fight Vegeta. Vegeta easily beat him down but Cell convinced Vegeta to let him absorb #18. Cell whent into his "Perfect Form" and became extremely poweful. He fought Vegeta again and knocked him out. Trunks too tried to fight Cell but was unsuccessful. Since Cell was now in his Perfect Form it was all just a game to him....Litterally and set up the Cell games. He gave all the warriors time to train while he waited.

Goku tried very hard to defeat Cell at the games and even though with all his training Goku was unable to win. Goku transfered the fight over to his son, Gohan. Gohan tried hard to fight but was on un-equal ground with Cell. When Cell learned of Gohan's possible hidden power through anger he wanted to trigger it so he released the "Cell Jr's" from his body and had them attack the Z Warriors and told them to kill them if they wanted. When #16's android's head was thrown over to where Gohan was by Mr. Satan, #16 asked Gohan to protect the animals etc. that he loved so much. Cell walked over and crushed the head of #16. Pushing Gohan two steps over the edge.

Gohan whent Super Saiya-jin level two and destroyed the Cell Jr.'s. Gohan fought Cell and when he learned he couldnt defeat Gohan so he decided to self destruct. When all looked hopeless Goku remembered his teleportation ability and transported Cell away from the earth and Goku was killed and it appeared as though it killed Cell also. But one of Cell's cell's(sounds wierd but it's true) survived and Cell returned to earth even stronger than he was before. Nevertheless, Cell was defeated by Gohan in a large Kame-hame-ha battle. Concluding the Cell Saga which is considered to be one of the best if not THE best saga in DBZ with it's constant twists of the plot line, keeping the viewers interested.


The Ginyu Force is Freeza's own special task force. They are the absolute best of the best in the known universe. Consisting of five essential members. Burter, a tall blue fish form character who is supposed to be one of the fastest creatures in the universe. Recoome, the red head and bulky character who holds an incredible amount of strength and power. Guldo, the small green frog-like character who has the ability to freeze time. Jeice, who is red with white hair and seems to have a fair amount of power in every aspect instead of it being completely in an individual trait. Finally, Ginyu, the purple and horned leader of the Ginyu Force who is not only extremely powerful but also has the ability to switch bodies with another individual.

The Ginyu Force's history is short but important. Freeza sends for them to collect the Dragonballs which all his other henchmen failed to do. The Ginyu Force caught up with Vegeta, Gohan, and Krillin before they were able to make their wish. Ginyu took the dragonballs back to Freeza's spaceship from there Vegeta, Gohan, and Krillin were forced to face the remaining four members. First Gohan and Krillin took on Guldo and failed to win, Vegeta came to their rescue and killed Guldo. Then Vegeta took on Recoome with valiant effort but without succeeding, Gohan stepped in but also failed to bring him down but had his neck broken by Recoome. Luckily Goku's ship landed just shortly after this happened. Goku defeated Recoome and Burter with a single attack on each of them. Jeice became frightened and whent to get Captain Ginyu.

After getting Captain Ginyu, he and Jeice returned. Krillin and Gohan took off and Vegeta abandoned Goku just before the fight. Ginyu fought Goku and he seemed to have the advantage, but Ginyu knew Goku was hiding his true power. He convinced Goku to show it, but from doing this it revealed Goku was much stronger than Ginyu. Ginyu knowing winning was impossible, intentionally hurt himself severely. He held out his arms, screamed "CHANGE!" and switched bodies with Goku. Ginyu, then in Goku's body took off for Freeza's spaceship.

Upon returning, Ginyu and Jeice found Krillin and Gohan who had found the dragonballs. After realizing that the man in Goku's body was not Goku, Krillin and Gohan reluctantly fought with Ginyu who had not adjusted to the change of bodies and his power level was relatively low. As his power slowly increased Goku arrived in Ginyu's old body and helped fight. Vegeta began and ended a fight with Jeice, then decided to fight with Ginyu in Goku's body. Vegeta attacked and easily beat Ginyu, Ginyu made an attempt to switch to Vegeta's body but Goku in Ginyu's body jumped in the way and therefore both were back to their original selves. Ginyu now restored to his own body was once again attacked and beat up by Vegeta. Ginyu made one last try to switch bodies with Vegeta but Goku through a namekian frog in the way. Ginyu then became the frog and the frog became Ginyu.

That for the most part ended the Ginyu Force legacy, Ginyu did however make one final attempt to get to a stronger body. He be-friend Bulma while Goku and Freeza's fight was going on. Bulma created a device to allow her new frog friend to talk. Ginyu could then scream "CHANGE!" switching bodies with Bulma. Ginyu in Bulma's body whent to the battlefield, finding Piccolo there he began to do his change sequence but, Gohan discovered it was not really Bulma, threw the frog that the real Bulma was inhabiting, directly into the path between Piccolo and Ginyu. Ginyu was then changed back into a frog and Bulma was herself again. Finally the Ginyu Force members do make some short appearances in the Dragon Ball Z series while in the afterlife.